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In 2012, I designed and choreographed the 4 top freestyles in the United States with the Number One rider's median at 76%



  • Choreography
  • Music selection
  • Tempo Matching
  • Computerized Editing
  • Custom CD's
  • Freestyles for all levels
  • Pas de Deux and Quadrilles
  • Exhibitions

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                                     Musical freestyles for dressage riders can be designed by Cynthia Collins at all levels

                from PARA to Pony Club to Amateurs to FEI Junior/Young Riders to Selection Trial Riders and Western dressage. 

                                   I would be happy to talk to you about freestyles in person, by phone, e-mail or on FaceBook..   

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Below are a few You-Tube links so you can watch and listen to a few of the freestyles I have designed and choreographed.

Here is a video of me riding both Tierra's Luna and Larisa at the end.  Both clips are at the Intermediate level. My Luna passed Oct. 11, 2011.  She was a once in a life time horse.  I loved her the moment I saw her and always will.

Here is Angela Jackson riding Allure S at Intermediate I  They score 79%.

Katie Haugh o March Ender's Wiecor VA winning the BLM Third Level Championship with a 76.333%.  They were also High Score Freestyle of the show.

Jonathan Wentz of Texas Para Equestrian at the World Equestrian Games.

Here is Jessica McTaggart riding March Ender's Wiecor VA winning Third Level Freestyle at Dressage at Lexington,

 Here is Ellen Corob on her Deynika at Intermediate I scoring 69.5% 

This is Laura Corsentino On Lee Ann Kagy's Eclipse at the USDF National Championships earning a 67.711%

A Clip of Marsha Lewis riding Pedro at the USDF Championships with her "Boots" freestyle.

Here is Jackie Sharp of Ohio riding Schagall at the Intermediate Level.  They were fifth place in the country.

Here is Janet Tucker on Dreamaster  scoring 70.5% on her first ride

Maddie Lacy on her Fred winning the SWDC First Level Freestyle

 Carol Robertson on Wyoming winning the Hap Hanson trophy at the Del Mar National Horse show 2011 with a 70%. 

Here is Ann riding Staccato's First level freestyle scoring 79.333%

This is of Holly Bergay of Arizona at the NJYRC in 2007 where she placed fifth overall.    

Morgan Wolfe and Luna's doing their FEI JR Freestyle with a 69.75% . on her way to the 2011 NJYRC Championship.

Here I am riding Larisa at Del Mar National in an Intermediate Freestyle. We made way too many mistakes, but she was a good girl and tried hard.

This is Amy Ganci of Texas on Nike performing a First Level freestyle with a score of 66.8%. Amy has done VERY well on Nike.

Amy Ganci on Bon Wilbo Third Level Southwest Champion

Karen Chekenian doing her Second Level freestyle with a 70%.

Patience Prine-Carr on  OKW Entrigue during a Grand Prix Exhibition in Las Vegas

Emily Tears on Lopaca with a 71.5% at Intermediate I

Shannon Dahmer on Rock On at 2011 Del Mar National

 Here is Jackie Breech of California riding Haji riding her First Level freestyle.  She had a lot of fun and scored well.  

This is her Mom, Jan Breech, riding her very first freestyle on her Quarter Horse, Cody.  A 65% first time out.  Way to go Jan!

This is Liz Lawson-Weber of Oregon riding Prescription owned by Jane Epperson riding her Third Level freestyle to a 67% at the ODS Championships.

 Shannon Dahmer of Colorado on Najinski choreographed and picked the music for this one.  I designed and edited it for her.  She won 2008 Del Mar National Intermediate Freestyle with a 67%.

This is Karen Ball of California riding a Grand Prix freestyle on Luciano.  Karen is the 2008 USDF Reg. 7 Champion and CDS Reserve with this freestyle.

This is Emily Tears of California riding the Connemera Stallion Cashel's Rock of Ages in a Young Rider Freestyle. Emily is the 2008 Fourth Level National, USDF Reg. 7, and CDS Champion on her horse, Lopaca with her new freestyle.

This is Whit Watkins of texas doing a Pas de Deux to music I designed for her. She and her partner are the 2008 National Pas de Deux Champions.

Here is PARA rider Jonathon Wentz of Texas competing. Jonathon made the 2010 World Equestrian Games and the 2012 Paralympic Games teams.  He was featured in the 2009 USDF Connection for appearing on the TV series "The Real Winning Edge" in Dec. 2008.

The following is Diane Reed-Willard of Oregon on her Appaloosa gelding performing a Second Level freestyle for the first time with a score of 68.75%.

This is Mark Carter riding a Grand Prix Freestyle I designed for him on Haydn.

Here's Kim Penman on Jordan doing Intermediate 1 with a 71%

If you would like to have your Luna Tunes Freestyle added to this page, please up load it onto You Tube and forward me the link.  I will be happy to add you and you horse.