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                  Luna Tunes Freestyles

            Dressage Freestyles and Western Dressage Freestyles

                                                                                             Great Prices!!!

                                                                                  By Award Winning

                                                   Freestyle Designer, Choreographer and Competitor

                                                                                    Cynthia Collins

                                                 A Top Designer and Choreographer at a GREAT Price



  • Choreography
  • Music selection
  • Tempo Matching
  • Computerized Editing
  • Custom CD's
  • Freestyles for all levels
  • Pas de Deux and Quadrilles
  • Exhibitions

     Prices from $300 to $1200

                                                                             Now accepting credit cards

                               Freestyle Clinics Available

                                            Contact me at :


                                                      Please put "Freestyle" in the regards box

                                              11033 Baldy Mesa Rd.                    Victorville, CA 92392

                                                                               (760) 963-5869

                                     Musical freestyles for dressage riders can be designed by Cynthia Collins at all levels

                from PARA to Pony Club to Amateurs to FEI Junior/Young Riders to Selection Trial Riders and Western dressage. 

                                   I would be happy to talk to you about freestyles in person, by phone, e-mail, text, or on FaceBook..   

                                                                 Also visit me on Facebook  at











Cynthia Collins and I'll be a Scarlet Moon 2015 WDAA High Point World Champion